Monday, June 7, 2010

"I missed my pick-up, what do I do?"

Scenario #1 If you know ahead of time on your pick-up day that you will not be available, have a friend or relative stop by to get it for you. We are always flexible and will happily accommodate last-minute changes.

RESLOUTION = happy, satisfied, holding yummy vegetables

Scenario #2 You couldn't find anyone to go to your pick-up for you OR the heat of summer made you loose track of the days and you completely forgot. Feel free to stop by our warehouse during the following hours:
Thursday from 10am - 6pm [missed Wednesday]
Friday from 10 am - 3pm [missed Thursday]
Monday from 9 am - 12pm [missed Friday]

RESOLUTION=happy, satisfied, holding yummy vegetables

Because of produce spoilage and the amount of product going in and out of our warehouse, we are not able to hold your share more than 1 business day after your originally scheduled pick-up. Exceptions for Friday pick-ups, shares available only through Monday morning. After Monday at 12, all produce not claimed from the previous week, is donated to local charities in Louisville.

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