Thursday, August 5, 2010

At this time, WE ARE OFFERING WEEKLY SHARES of the Levain, Cereal, Seeded Baguette, and/or the Regular Baguette.

The price of a weekly delivery starting next week (the week of August 9th) and lasting through the end of the season (the week of November 15th), will be as follows:

  • Levain: $3.95/loaf x 14 weeks = $55.30
  • Cereal: $3.95/loaf x 14 weeks = $55.30
  • Seeded baguette: $3.35/loaf x 14 weeks = $46.90
  • Regular baguette: $2.95/loaf x 14 weeks = $41.30
  • Rotating loaf: $3.60/loaf x 14 weeks = $50.40
The loaves do freeze as well and freezing instructions are on the Blue Dog bags that the bread comes delivered in.

BLUE DOG WILL NOT BE BAKING THE WEEK OF SEPT 6-11TH, this is why we are charging you for 14 weeks, even though there are 15 weeks of deliveries from Aug 9th - Nov 19th.

If you put your order in by this FRIDAY AT NOON, we will deliver your bread with your regular delivery next week, the week of August 9th.

For those less familiar with the bread, we will organize tastings over the next several weeks at some pick-up locations. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ORDER A WEEKLY SHARE, PLEASE MAKE OUT A CHECK FOR THE TOTAL amount to Grasshoppers Distribution and mail it to the address below with the following information:

(1) Your name and pick-up location,
(2) which loaf share you desire,
(3) whether you would like to start next week or a different week, and
(4) your total amount due.

We will need to receive all orders with the above information by Friday noon via email to: .

Thanks for your continued support!

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  1. I'm so excited about the bread share! We love Blue Dog!