Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Order your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Believe it or not, it is time to order your very own free-range, flying, foraging, broad-breasted bronze turkey for Thanksgiving! These turkeys have a great flavor: better than anything you can get in the store! They cook a bit differently than Butterballs, so we’ll send out cooking tips later.
  • We have a small number of under 12 lb turkeys for $5/lb. The deposit on these is $30. The processing date is November 11, so these will be frozen.
  • We have more in the 20-30lb size for $4.75/lb, SOME of which are being processed on November 19th, and therefore can be purchased and picked-up FRESH, NEVER FROZEN! The deposit on these is $50. The supply is limited and then we will have only frozen birds, processed on the 16th.
We are sourcing from two Kentucky farms and one in Indiana: Healthy Living Acres , Remington Ingram in Kentucky, and Slatchet Family Farm near Bloomington Indiana. Right now, our little turkeys weigh about 3 lbs, and are running around the pasture flying here and there and foraging for grasses, grubs, and insects.
  • The pick-up dates for all turkeys are Monday and Tuesday, November 22nd & 23rd, from 9am-6pm at Grasshoppers Distribution, 1501 Portland Avenue in Louisville
  • To place your order, email us at or call 502.708.1881

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